13 reisgidsen en landkaarten Angola

Natuurgids Angola

Natuurgids African Wildlife - an introduction to familiar species   Waterford Press
African Wildlife - an introduction to familiar species Waterford Press (Engels) € 7.95

Een bijzonder handige uitklapkaart met alle veelvoorkomende dieren van het Afrikaanse continent. Duidelijke illustraties, goede korte omschrijving van soort en leefgebied, geplastificeerd.

The Pocket Naturalist series introduces novices to common plants and animals and natural phenomena. Each pocket-sized, folding guide highlights up to 150 species and most feature a map highlighting prominent sanctuaries and outstanding natural attractions. Laminated for durability. [meer info/bestellen]

Reisgids Angola

Reisgids Angola   Bradt
Angola Bradt (Engels) € 28.50

Als er geen Lonely Planet is, is dit het alternatief ... En vaak nog beter ook. De beste gids over Angola met alle mogelijke informatie, zowel praktisch (eten, slapen, reizen) als achtergronden over cultuur, landschap en bevolking.

Angola is no destination for beginners. It has no Starbucks or McDonalds, and there's only one functioning escalator in the whole country. Only seven years have passed since it emerged from three decades of armed struggle; the land is littered with 10million unexploded mines (which, interestingly, the elephants have learnt to detect and avoid) and there are few tourist facilities. But for the adventurous, this country offers over 1,000km of unspoilt beaches, excellent fishing and surfing, tropical forests and magnificent bird life. The first-ever English guidebook to the country, Bradt's Angola is essential reading for business travellers and pioneering adventurers alike.

• The first-ever English-language tourist guidebook to Angola, and the first tourist guide in any language written since before independence from Portugal in 1975

•Angola's visitor numbers are soaring as the government uses its massive oil and diamond wealth to rebuild the country's shattered infrastructure

•Provides in-depth coverage of the once-elegant colonial capital, Luanda [meer info/bestellen]

Reisgids Your Bucket List Must-do experiences in Southern Africa   Mapstudio
Your Bucket List Must-do experiences in Southern Africa Mapstudio (Engels) € 34.95

Everyone has a travelling bucket list, right? Maybe you need some ideas to add onto your own bucket list or maybe you’ve wanted to start one of your own. Here is the perfect title for you!

MapStudio’s new title “Your Bucket List” by renowned author Patrick Cruywagen gives you more than 150 must-do experiences in Southern Africa. Where and when to go, experience information, how to get there, where to stay, contact details, full- colour photography and so much more.

Here is only some of the adventures included in the book:

- Tick off the towns with unusual names

- Hike the Hoerikwaggo from Cape Point to Cape Town

- Abseil down the Maletsunyane Falls

- Have a drink at the highest pub in Southern Africa

- Ballooning over Sossusvlei Delta

- Sail in a dhow from Maxixe to Inhambane

- Driving in Luanda

- Visit Africa House and Kapishya hot springs

- Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

- And so much, much, much more

Countries featured in this must-have guide includes:

- South Africa

- Lesotho

- Namibia

- Botswana

- Mozambique

- Madagascar

- Angola

- Zimbabwe

- Zambia

- Malawi

- Tanzania & Kenya

So get started today by ticking off on your very own bucket list and experience this beautiful continent we call Southern Africa. [meer info/bestellen]

Reisverhaal Angola

Reisverhaal Blue Dahlia, Black Gold - Angola   Daniel Metcalfe   D. Metcalfe
Blue Dahlia, Black Gold - Angola Daniel Metcalfe D. Metcalfe (Engels) € 14.95

"A rich and fascinating book about an overlooked African powerhouse by a travel writer of rare talent". (Tim Butcher, author of Blood River and Chasing the Devil). Since the end of its crippling 27-year civil war over a decade ago, Angola has changed almost beyond recognition. An oil-fuelled bonanza has brought about massive foreign investment and a fabulously wealthy new elite, making its capital, Luanda, the second most expensive city in the world. Today, fortunes are being made and lost overnight, and rich Angolans are eagerly buying up the assets of its former coloniser, Portugal. Fascinated by this complex nation perched at the forefront of a resurgent Africa, writer Daniel Metcalfe travelled to Angola to explore the country for himself. Ebullient and proud, and often unwilling to dwell on its past,

Angola has a large army, a hunger for wealth and a need to prove itself on the continent. But as Metcalfe also discovers, it has some of the most grinding poverty in Africa as few Angolans have reaped the rewards of the peace. Nonetheless, amid Angola's brash reality, Metcalfe finds there is a place for a traveller who isn't there to make a quick buck. Crossing the country as ordinary Angolans do, talking to tribal elders, oil workers, mine clearers and street children, he encounters a place of extremes, where cynicism and excess go hand-in-hand with great hospitality and ingenuity. Metcalfe also reveals a colourful history of pirates and slave traders, capuchin monks, syncretic Christian cults and elaborate spirit masks. This is an Angola that symbolises nothing less than a broader turning point between the continents, the repositioning of the rich developed world versus Africa. It is a land that, until now, few outsiders have managed to unlock. [meer info/bestellen]

Reisverhaal Laatste trein naar Zona Verde   Paul Theroux   Paul Theroux
Laatste trein naar Zona Verde Paul Theroux Paul Theroux € 24.95

`Ik was weer gelukkig, terug in Afrika, rijk van het licht, schrijft Theroux wanneer hij begint aan een nieuwe reis: van Kaapstad naar Angola, dwars door het continent waar hij zoveel van houdt. Hij kwam voor het eerst in Afrika als 22­jarige vrijwilliger bij het Vredeskorps. Nu keert hij terug, ditmaal om het minder betreden westelijk Afrika te verkennen, en zichzelf. Hij reist door de Kaapprovincie van Zuid­Afrika naar Namibië, waar hij een oude droom verwezenlijkt: de San (Bosjesmannen) te bezoeken. Hij onderneemt een adem­ benemende olifantensafari in Botswana en belandt in Angola, bijna op de grens met Congo. Na meer dan 4000 kilometer door de bush beëindigt hij zijn reis eerder dan hij van plan was, een beslissing waarover Theroux vertelt met een typerende, driftige eerlijkheid.

'De grootste, de eerste van de beste in dit genre is Paul Theroux.' - The New York Times Book Review

'Een aangrijpend verslag van 's werelds bekendste reisschrijver in crisis. Indrukwekkend reisverslag. Vier sterren ****' - Hans Bouman in de Volkskrant

‘Aangrijpende bitterheid. Hier is een groot reisschrijver aan het woord die droevig afscheid neemt van zijn métier. Vier sterren ****’ – Toef Jaeger in NRC Handelsblad

'‘Dit mooi geschreven en indringende boek brengt zijn pijnlijke ervaring met de Afrikaanse ellende goed onder woorden.’ – Annemarie van Niekerk in Trouw [meer info/bestellen]

Wegenatlas Angola

Wegenatlas Southern & East Africa Road Atlas - Zuidelijk en Oost Afrika   Mapstudio
Southern & East Africa Road Atlas - Zuidelijk en Oost Afrika Mapstudio (Engels) € 23.50

Wegenatlas van Zuidelijk Africa en Oost Afrika

This road atlas contains maps of Southern & East Africa with physical and political, climate and vegetation information as well as information about each country with statistics, flags and interesting facts.

The following is included as well: Key plans to 6 tourist areas & 20 street maps, 107 pages of maps of Southern and East Africa, 11 pages covering 6 major tourist areas, 18 pages covering the main cities and towns, distance chart and index to place names.

Countries covered: Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda. [meer info/bestellen]

Wegenatlas Zuidelijk Afrika - Southern Africa 4x4 Routes   Mapstudio
Zuidelijk Afrika - Southern Africa 4x4 Routes Mapstudio (Engels) € 34.95

4x4 Routes through Southern Africa’ takes a detailed look at 20 great 4x4 routes across Southern Africa from the popular Cederberg and Richtersveld regions of South Africa to the Namib Desert in Namibia and East to Lesotho and Mozambique, even as far afield as Tanzania.

Each of the 20 routes are described in vast detail with contributions from reputable 4x4 operators, giving the book a unique perspective with descriptions as seen through the eyes of local experts.

Each chapter contains a detailed day-by-day description of a 4x4 route together with maps, colour images and GPS waypoints for use in conjunction with any GPS navigation system. The book is also jam-packed with information about the local fauna & flora and includes interesting facts about each of the regions travelled as well as tourist information and accommodation listings to help plan an overnight stay.

For the serious adventurer – each chapter indicates specific vehicle requirements, a kit checklist, road conditions & warnings, multi-day trails with expert advice, special vehicle driving skills required, self-sufficiency ratings and detailed distance charts for each route. [meer info/bestellen]

Woordenboek Angola

Woordenboek - Taalgids Portugees   Wat en Hoe - Kosmos
- Taalgids Portugees Wat en Hoe - Kosmos € 6.95

Taalgids met alle noodzakelijke woorden en zinnen om je als reiziger te redden. Aan de hand van thematische hoofdstukken worden allerlei mogelijkheden gegeven en achterin vind je een woordenlijst vanuit het Nederlands. [meer info/bestellen]