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Reisgids Tajikistan   Bradt guides   Sophie Ibbotson,Max Lovell-Hoare
Tajikistan Bradt guides Sophie Ibbotson,Max Lovell-Hoare (Engels) € 23.95

Zeer goede gids voor Tajikistan en betrouwbaar alternatief voor de Lonely Planet. Zo mogelijk nog completer! Soberder uitgevoerd, maar zeker voor de minder bekende plaatsen een aanrader. Vol met praktische informatie over hoe, waar en wanneer te reizen.

Tajikistan is Central Asia's smallest and least understood country. Epic mountain landscapes, glacial lakes and the mighty Oxus River encircle ancient Buddhist sites, Silk Road trading posts, medieval shrines and planned Soviet cities. The guide includes tried and tested trekking routes in the Fann, Zerafshan and Pamir mountain ranges for various levels of experience. Comprehensive bird-watching and wildlife sections are provided by BBC journalist Ben Tavener. Rich historical detail and entertaining anecdotes are drawn from the historical archives of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs and with first-hand descriptions of everything from Soghdian ruins to playing the traditional sport of buz kashi or 'dead goat polo', Tajikistan's authors bring the country alive.

Introduction vii



Chapter 1

Background Information 3

Geography and climate 3, Natural history and conservation 5, History 8, Government and politics 13, Economy 13, People 14, Language 16, Religion 17, Education 18, Culture 19

Chapter 2 Practical Information 23

When to visit 23, Highlights 23, Suggested itineraries 24, Tour operators 25, Red tape 26, Embassies 28, Getting there and away 29, Health 32, Safety 40, Women travellers 40, Gay travellers 41, Disabled travellers 41, Travelling with kids 41, What to take 41, Money 42, Budgeting 43, Getting around 43, Accommodation 48, Eating and drinking 49, Public holidays 51, Shopping 51, Photography 52, Media and communications 53, Business 55, Buying property 55, Cultural etiquette 56, Travelling positively 57



Chapter 3 Dushanbe and Environs 61

History 61, Getting there and away 63, Getting around 65, Tourist information 66, Local tour operators 67, Where to stay 67, Where to eat and drink 70, Entertainment 74, Shopping 76, Sports/fitness 78, Other practicalities 78, What to see and do 81, Around Dushanbe 85

Chapter 4 Karotegin 91

Faizabad 91, Obi Garm 92, Roghun 92, Gharm 93, Tojikobod 93, Jirgital 94, Tavildara 94

Chapter 5 Fann and Zarafshan Mountains 97

Yagnob Valley 98, Iskanderkul 101, Aini 103, Zarafshan Valley (East) 104, Zarafshan Valley (West) 105, Penjikent 106

Chapter 6 Khujand and Northern Sughd 111

Istaravshan 111, Khujand 115, Isfara 123

Chapter 7 Khatlon 125

Kurgan Teppa 125, Shahr-i Tuz 130, Kurbon Shahid 132, Kulob 133

Chapter 8 West-Central Gorno-Badakhshan 137

Qalai Khum 137, Rushon and the Bartang Valley 138, Khorog 141, Ishkashim 147, Wakhan Corridor 148

Chapter 9 Murghab Plateau 153

The Pamir Highway: Khorog to Murghab 153, Murghab 155, The Pamir Highway: Murghab to the Tajik– Kyrgyz border 160

Appendix 1 Language 163

Appendix 2 Glossary 166

Appendix 3 Further Information 168

Index 172 [meer info/bestellen]

Reisgids Tajikistan and the High Pamirs - Tadzjikistan   Odyssey
Tajikistan and the High Pamirs - Tadzjikistan Odyssey (Engels) € 27.95

Fringed by the two great rivers of Central Asia, the Oxus and the Jaxartes, Tajikistan can boast not only of breathtaking mountain scenery, but also of three thousand years of history. Originally the home of the Sogdians, the famous trading peoples of the Silk Road, in more recent times the country was at the heart of the 19th-century 'Great Game'. This book describes Tajikistan's unparalleled opportunities for trekkers, expert mountaineering advice and specialist essays on wildlife, botany, geology and archeology. The comprehensive coverage of culture, music and ethnic traditions make a tantalizing read.

+ Vital insight into a crucially positioned nation

+ Dushanbe, Central Asia's friendliest capital city

+ Mountaineering and trekking on the roof of the world

+ First dedicated guide to Tajikistan

+ Historical insights into explorers and travelers of the ancient Silk Road

+ Culture, music and ethnic traditions

+ Essays on wildlife, botany, geology and archeology including a contribution by Dr George Schaller

+ Published to appeal to the armchair traveler as well as the intrepid visitor

+ Comprehensive introduction to "one of the world's best kept secrets"

+ Exceptional cartography [meer info/bestellen]